Iblis Dalam Kandungan

Iblis Dalam Kandungan

Total 23 reviews
Genre   Horror
Runtime   1 Hour 26 Minutes
Language   Indonesian
Area   ---
Actor   Nafa Urbach   Ali Syakieb   Denira Wiraguna   Adhiyat  
In Theaters   Jul,14
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Iblis Dalam Kandungan Plot

After 15 years of marriage and adopting two children, Amelia is finally pregnant. In order to take care of his wife, Verdi takes a job at a plantation company at the foot of Mount Salak. They found out that the house which they occupy is inhabited by the spirit of a woman who in the past had lost her unborn baby. Now the spirit has come, trying to penetrate Amelia`s body to own the baby in her womb. Amelia`s adopted children try to protect their mother but the woman`s spirit is not the only danger. There are other more sinister forces present.

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