Hail, Driver! (MIFFEST)

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Genre   Drama
Runtime   1 Hour 25 Minutes
Area   ---
In Theaters   Jul,12 2022
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Hail, Driver! (MIFFEST) Plot

Aman, a young aspiring writer, moved to Kuala Lumpur to follow his dreams, but all he has is his late father`s old car and nowhere to live. To make ends meet, he uses his room on wheels to illegally earn money through a driving-service app. This is how he meets Bella, an escort girl. When Bella asks Aman to become her private driver for her night job in return for a place to stay, Aman agrees. The two lost souls form an unlikely solidarity in front of the beautiful yet stark black and white backdrop of Kuala Lumpur. Its unique imagery could be a reflection of how Aman sees the world as a colour-blind person, but also a metaphor for his bleak and bittersweet reality as he struggles to find a place he can call home.

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