100 Years Of Ulysses (EUFF)

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Genre   Documentary
Runtime   1 Hour 49 Minutes
Language   English
Area   ---
In Theaters   Oct,12 2023
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100 Years Of Ulysses (EUFF) Plot

100 years ago, on February 2nd 1922, "Ulysses" was first published in a small bookshop in Paris. The book would have a profound impact on the literature and culture of the century to follow. No 20th century novel has rivalled "Ulysses" in its reach. Though it was banned initially in America and Britain, James Joyce`s epic soon came to be celebrated as a masterpiece of modernism and a revolution in literary expression. It has inspired creators as diverse as Eileen Grey, Sergei Eisenstein, Man Ray and Bob Dylan. But in Ireland, Joyce was accused of treachery, for having gone to war with the Irish Catholic Church and repudiating his own people. He was also accused of ignoring his nation`s long struggle for independence from Britain which culminated in 1922 - only weeks before "Ulysses" was published - with the foundation of the Irish Free State.

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